West Midlands Photographer Monika Mochaupt with her daughter Julia

Hey! Would you like to get to know me a little bit better? There is no mystery here or nothing special haha 😀

I’m just a regular, busy mum, running around the house with no make up most of the time who loves her life and the world in general. I smile a lot, eat chocolate A LOT, and watch FRIENDS a lot too. I’m a BIG optimist, who always sees the glass as half full. I truly believe that the secret to living a happy life is having an attitude of gratitude.

By saying that I also have to admit that I’m a big thinker, ooo YES! Sometimes I think too much which is nooo good but this is who I’m. I like overthinking things haha

Photography is a great way of expressing myself. I love people and interacting with them, I love nature and working in the fields and forests, I love colours and creating magic with them in my postproduction process. All this gives me my DREAM JOB and a passion and a happy mood I can spread and share with my lovely clients.

If you feel like we have something in common, give me a call so we can have a chat, or just simply drop me an email if that’s something you prefer. Click the button below to find my contact details